sábado, 24 de setembro de 2022

The Secret Behind My Signs

How do you think I'm capable of doing All this? The Gift is developed through persistence; It takes faith and patience. And you know what? People think churches are where you'll find the faithful, but the more they are blind and deaf to the Primitive there, the more they are actually like synagogues. I'm afraid Christian temples have already become where unrepentant fools, the wicked and adulterous generation hides, imagining a "God" who does not exist, lenient with worldly priorities and false self "righteousness", just like the "Jews" were doing. Why is hiding possible? Maybe it's because most people there do not really believe God is a hidden Treasure to be sought first; until you are able to perceive the Justice, you're unable to spot the hidden wickedness.

Who reads the Philadelphia thing and starts dreaming of that Future instead of one inside the system?